2015 Golden Globe Awards Winners, Nominees, Tickets, News, Date, Host, Venue

The Golden Globe Awards show is one of the famous film awards shows. Its rank second in the world film awards show after the most prestigious Oscars Award show. It is one of the famous and recognized movie awards shows of the globe hosted by AMPAS in Beverly Hills, California. The Golden Globe Awards is the annually film awards show in which awards are given to universal film industry artistic and technical peoples for achieving excellence in their respective fields. This popular film awards show was established in the year of 1944 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, California, USA. This well recognized movie award show mostly takes place in Jan month at the Beverly Hills, California. The 2015 Golden Globe awards show which will be the 72nd edition of this most popular award show schedule to be held on the 11th Jan, 2015 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills in California, USA.

2015 People's Choice Awards Nominations, Winners, Tickets, Date, Venue, Host

The People's Choice Awards is one of the famous award shows of the USA. The People's Choice Awards is the one of the well recognized and popular culture Awards show which is sponsored by Proctor and Gamble and hosted by leading USA channel CBS in LA, California. In this yearly popular culture awards show awards are given to the people to recognize their excellence work on popular culture fields like Cinema, Music, TV and Web world. This yearly award show generally takes place in Jan month at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The 2015 People's Choice awards will be the 41st edition of this premier and world class popular culture award show which will schedule to be held on Jan month of 2015 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Modern Day's Social Environment

In an environment of social disintegration most citizens appear unwilling to shoulder their share of the burden. And despite the problematical of specific conditions, in every political reform are important policy issues of morality and social justice that define the final attitude. Finally, the absence of political consensus that timeless characterizes our political system, strengthens the populism, degrades the quality of social dialogue and eventually raises defenses all around the electorate and legitimizes the partisanship.

In this highly confrontational political/social environment is perceived that, apart from the relentless reality of numbers, the country's main problem is a political one as well, the Greek society is unable to perceive, to agree and eventually to serve military service in a joint effort to exit from the crisis. And every reform effort looks doomed in advance without the existence of the necessary social cohesion and the social consensus required. In this unfavorable situation is both opportunity and necessity to lay the foundations for a "great" and inclusive society, at the heart of which is a functional and social welfare system law that protects the weak and compensates them equitably "losers" of great changes.

In the final analysis it is clear that, for the building of the necessary social consensus needed political leaders who are able to listen, to understand and to inspire the society, instead of the technocrats who are planning radical interventions in social laboratory conditions. The appointment, selection and ultimately the support of appropriate leaders is therefore not unessential mental exercise but rather, the immediate priority in order to have the place next day...

Changes in Social Value

The deep economic recession and the necessary institutional reforms inevitably lead to fundamental social change, accelerating social processes, with obvious consequences on the social fabric of the country. Unfortunately, these social changes take place literally to "vacuum", as the demand for social protection is rising sharply when there is the required budgetary margin and most importantly the met apolitical social protection system remains ineffective, under-funded and socially unjust. Today, there are those effective "automatic stabilisers" that could absorb the social shocks and to facilitate the adjustment until you perform (medium) necessary interventions.

On the social dimension of this central issue of political life as the country is a collective affair and not only specific social welfare groups or occupational categories. We must not forget that the founders of the classical but also modern liberalism such as Adam Smith and Friedrich Hayek not used to recall the necessity of social concern and the importance of the values of social responsibility and solidarity in "communities caring". The problematic social cohesion but has a very important political/economic dimension as the absence of impeding the implementation of the required reforms.

In this context, any discussion on social cohesion must take into account the following traits of Greek peculiarity: – in the Greek society conducted a "war of attrition" or "trench" between numerous social groups and professional groups, one conflict "all against all", with a view to defending their interests in the narrow circumstances of limited public resources and liberalization of markets. -Fragmented Greek society is a society of "low confidence" where the minimum "social capital" is not sufficient to enhance the cooperation between social groups. 

At the same time, it is clear the suspicion among social partners as well as with the Government, something that limits the possibilities to reach an agreement. -Greece is characterized by the highest and deepest poverty index and one of the highest indicators of inequality in Europe of 27 Member States, which broadens the social distance and intensifies the estrangement between citizens, indifferent to the adoption of common objectives.

Thy Doom is Upon Thee

I am a bad parent.

"What?" You ask. "I thought you didn't have kids.....?"

Today my kitties' DOOM was visited upon them - "DOOM", of course, in kitty vernacular is "The Vet".

..and they have it pretty d**n good if you ask me. Whenever possible I use vets that do In Home Visits i.e. the Vet comes The Kitties.

Still, just as I don't particularly enjoy my Annual Appointment with the Doctor (and that this implies), nor do Noche and Risa like to be held down and poked.

So, as these things go, each cat is pointy on five ends - and I'm soft and pink. In the epic battle of wills and claws - they won. Sure, they got examined, but I've sustained the injuries to prove that they went unwillingly to their DOOM.

Meanwhile, I always assumed I *was* a good kitty-mother. I care for them, I feed them high quality "human grade" cat food, I provide them as many comforts of home as I can with this

Foreign Service Lifestyle...

..and yet today, I was judged.

Oh I could sense the great disdain from The Vet. Turns out this guy is a Naturopathic Vet - and he was pretty concerned about the unstable lifestyle I live and what that does to kitty psychology.

He also is a great DISbeliever in dry cat food. You see, the STARCHES, even in "human grade" cat food, turns to carbohydrates. Didn't I know that it was like feeding McDonald's daily to my cats? Didn't I realize that Noche's coat would be much more lustrous if I only fed her high quality wet food?

Last but not least: It would BEHOOVE me to mix a daily egg yolk (YOLK!! Like I'm going to separate eggs every day for my CATS!) into Noche & Risa's wet food as that would provide them with important proteins.

I should also be feeding them canned salmon on a semi-regular basis to make sure they got the appropriate omega fatty acids.

So there you have it. Oh yeah, I should also be providing better climbing perches and equipment for Noche & Risa so their natural carnivore-hunter instincts can be honed.

I have failed.

I am a bad mother.

As if this isn't enough.. I kill plants too.